How To Find a proper Firmware variant for the HTC device

First: You have to know HTC file description for Exmple :

RUU_Bravo_Froyo_O2_UK_2.14.207.1_Radio_32.44.0 0.32U_5.09.05.30_2_release_144166_signed.exe

RUU = rom update utility.

Bravo = phone model.

Froyo = phone android version.

O2_UK= Carrier of firmware. = main version of rom.

Second: Every has 2 main attributes: modelid (MID) and cidnum (CID).

MID contains a codename of your device. For example the “0P6B1000” is the international version of the HTC One M8, while the “0P6B13000” is the T-Mobile U.S. version of the HTC One M8.

CID is the carrier software codename. For example the “HTC__J15” code represents the unbranded international version of the HTC One M8, while the “T-MOB010” code represents the T-Mobile U.S. software. Different CID numbers are usually used for mobile operators to include different regional settings, languages or to include some extra software (Wi-Fi Calling, Visual Voice Mail etc.).


Once you know the version of the firmware you have, you need to check if your device can be safely flashed with that particular To check that:


  1.  Download this mini-sdk package and extract it to c:\mini-sdk 
  2.  Connect your device to the PC 
  3.  Boot your device in fastboot mode (vol down + power ===> fastboot) 
  4. Open a command prompt on the PC (cmd.exe), type and confirm each command with ENTER: 
  5.  cd /d c:\mini-sdk 
  6.  fastboot getvar all


This is an example output from the international version of the HTC One M8:

 If both CID and MID numbers match you can safely flash the

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