How to Flash LG Optimus F6 MS500 with KDZ LG firmware

In this tutorial I will show you how to flash or update LG Optimus F6 MS500 with KDZ LG firmware.

When you bricked your device or stuck at boot (Boot loop), at the time the best way to fix this by flashing the stock ROM / Firmware on your device.

Flashing the firmware

First of all, you need to install the latest LG mobile drivers if you don’t have them installed already. You can download LG Uniter mobile drivers version 3.10 from here:!5ZQwkITD!JLzD0HW5Mx3W4FcgxqWXFFQhJz5BOMUK4FOPcdRN0nk

Now download the necessary flashing tools from here:!kdpWVLIY!MccaLTFy9YHwFi91EGIc_0D-HPUr6EwJhWbAPGkwDsM


  1. Inside the zip archive, you will find three .exe files. First of all, install MSXML parser.
  2. Right click at “Windows Enabler 1.1″ and choose “Run as administrator”.
  3. You’ll see Windows Enabler icon in notification bar in the bottom-right corner. Left click at it and you will see “ON” writtern above the icon as illustrated in the screenshot above.
  4. Now right click at “KDZ Updater” and choose “Run as administrator”.
  5. In KDZ Updater, choose “3GQCT” as ‘Type’ and “CS_Emergency” as ‘PhoneMode’.
  6. Click the folder icon next to ‘KDZ file’ and choose the .kdz file you downloaded earlier.
  7. Connect your phone in S/W download mode to your PC. Let Windows install all the necessary drivers.
  8. Click at “Launch software update” and wait patiently. KDZ Updater will keep displaying the progress.
  9. Your LG phone will restart at 90% but don’t unplug it for now. Let it boot completely and wait till KDZ Updater reaches 100%.
  10. Some LG models just shut down at 90%. You need to power on them manually without unplugging the USB cable.
  11. If KDZ Updater is returning a “KDZ extract error”, you shouldn’t be following this guide. Please follow the link to our other guide for flashing larger KDZ files mentioned in the beginning of this post. If you file is smaller than 1.2 GB and you are still facing “KDZ extract error”, you probably need to re-download the KDZ file.


Dont touch anything wait wait

Dont touch anything wait wait

Dont touch anything wait wait


Flash done

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