How to remove ( MXTP ) Sony Xperia Theft Protection

The following is a tutorial on how to remove ( MXTP ) Sony Xperia Theft Protection.

The thing is basically that you have to create a Play Store account, activate my xperia theft protection, this time with your new created account, counting with 15-20 seconds time gaps.

For that you have to turn off and on again your device several times and in some steps you have to be really quick. Once the device is on your hands, you can deactivate mxtp again

– Format the device first  and following in all the first setting steps quickly. The block screen jumps and then you connect to wifi on it. Turn off.

– Turn on and go quickly to settings > users, change to guest, so that you have full time to create a new Play Store account with your email and password. Change back to owner and turn off.

– Turn on and create a settings shortcut on the desktop so that you access faster in the next setps, you´ll really need it. Turn off.

– Turn on and go to settings > security and activate my xperia protection.

Shurely you´ll need several attemps until you get it and you may expend one attemp just studying the steps.

What you´re gonna find when you click activate is an acceptance button, a screen to insert your email, a screen to insert your pass and a final acceptance screen (if I remember right).

There are a couple of moments when the system is thinking stealing your yet tiny time. I´d recommend you use a short email and pass account, even if you have to create one to later change it.

At the end, the system keeps thinking while the block screen comes back. You turn off and on and try to make the same but when you try to activate my Xperia, the device seems to be thinking (doing nothing or stuck) and that you´re gonna lose an attempt, but it actually means that it´s creating your account in

The blocking screen may jump again and this may take a couple of turn off and ons, but then when you turn on the device and it is unblocked.

– You receive an email from, at this point the device is on your hands, with the MXTP on, but controlled by you. You can now deactivate it or on.
– Now you can reset to factory settings and configure it as you wish, so that you are sure the old account is no longer in the system.

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